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Mission & Objective:

TOAT's mission is to protect and promote the business interests of small and medium scale Travel, Tourism and Hospitality companies. which under the current scenario are facing a threat of extinction because of unethical business practices empowered by OTA ( Online Travel Agencies ).
A) To promote and encourage industry interest protection, cultural exchanges, and national integration.

B) To diffuse and disseminate useful knowledge; and for that purpose, to organize, participate, manage, supervise or otherwise help in the promotion of educational, scientific, technical and other seminars, group discussions, exhibitions, fairs, and the like, whether of permanent or temporary nature in state and elsewhere needed.

C) To found, maintain, manage, or supervise educational, technical training with the diffusion and dissemination of knowledge.

D) To chart plans, publish and encourage the publication of reference books, catalog, directories, leaflets, statistics, magazines, journals and of Travel and Tourism nature.

E) To present certificates, and other help to a student engaged in the study of tourism and its development; to promote cultural exchanges and environmental protection within the State of Telangana.

G) With a view to diffuse and disseminate knowledge for the development of domestic tourism in India, to prepare, draw up surveys, schemes, and reports concerning the status of the domestic tourism industry.

H) To establish channels of communication and liaison with the Department of Tourism, State Government and other public and private bodies and take all necessary steps to promote and develop domestic tourism in the state.

I) To establish a healthy atmosphere in the domestic tourism industry and foster healthy relations between tour operators, travel agents and other persons and organizations in the tourism industry in India.

J) To formulate a uniform code of conduct to govern the procedures of booking, confirmation, payment, refund, cancellation, no-shows, changes, postponements, proponents, retention charges, commissions, and discounts.

K) To affiliate with other societies or associations of tour operators in India...


We have signed up MOU with Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA - 2019) and into the dialogue process with state level and national level bodies such as Telangana Tourism, Trujet, and other like-minded associations to strengthen our mission.

Memorandum Of Association:

Tour Operators Association of Telangana ( TOAT ) has been formed in the year 2016, to safeguard and protect business interests of small and medium scale travel companies from unethical business practices and to create a professional platform for all the stakeholders associated with Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry. TOAT is first of its kind regional association, in the newly formed state of Telangana.
This initiative has been welcomed by the entire travel fraternity across the state and at the national level. TOAT is poised to grow and aims to become one of the biggest regional travel and tour association.
The name of the society shall be "Tours Operators Association of Telangana", hereinafter called the TOAT.
The Registered Office of the Society located at its Secretariat Office in the premises of,

One Stop Holidays Pvt. Ltd, Suite No. 6-1-60/A, 1st Floor, Above Hotel Indu Deluxe, beside Reserve Bank of India, Saifabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India.

TOAT Office Bearers for the Term 2021-2023. Duly elected at Annal General Meeting in Hyderabad.

Managing Committee:

Mr. Mir Liaqat Ali - Hon. President
One Stop Forex & Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Sujana Kumar - Hon Vice President
Bien Viage Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Syed Murtaja Ali - Hon. General Secretary
68M Holidays

Mr. Bhaskar Babu - Hon. Joint Secretary
Just Visa Services

Mr. M.A.Moiz - Hon. Treasurer
Travel Lounge

Chapter Heads:
North Telangana:

Mr. Harish Babu Peddi
Money Point, Karimnagar

East Telangana:

Mr. V Nagaraju Devara
Happy Days Tours, Khammam

West Telangana:

Mr. Dipu Kartikyan
Morpheus Tours, Hyderabad.

Executive Committee:

  1.  Ms. Voila Emmanuel
  2.  Mr. Mir Ali Hussain Khan
  3.  Mr. Mohammed Tayyab Wasif
  4.  Mr. Santosh Pochamalla
  5.  Mr. Mohammed Riyaz
  6.  Mr. Sudhakar Rao Sagar
  7.  Mr. Mirza Zahid Baig
  8.  P. Madhusudhan Rao
  9.  H. Sai Kishore ( Shyam )

 Past Members of TOAT Managing Committee, for the Term 2016-2020. Duly elected at in first Annual General Meeting in Hyderabad.

  • Mr. Siraj Ansari      - President 
  • Mr. Dipu Kartkain  - General Secretary
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar  -  Joint Secretary
  • Mr. Syed Murtaja - Treasurer
  • Mr. M.A.Moiz - Executive Director
  • Mr. Shyam - Executive Director